Max and Max for Live Patches and Externals

Ted Apel

Thanks to Volker Böhm for creating 64 bit versions of fiddle~, bonk~, and sigmund~. Get them here:


Sinusoidal analysis and pitch tracking

by Miller Puckette, Max port by Miller Puckette, Cort Lippe, Ted Apel

sigmund~ .05 for Max (Macintosh)


Pitch following and sinusoidal decomposition

by Miller Puckette, MSP port by Ted Apel and David Zicarelli.

fiddle~ 1.2 for Max (Macintosh Mach-O)

fiddle~ 1.2 for Max (Macintosh CFM)

fiddle~ 1.1 for Max (Macintosh OS 9)


percussion follower

by Miller Puckette, Max port by Ted Apel and Barry Threw.

bonk~ 1.4 for Max (Macintosh)

bonk~ 1.3 for Max (Macintosh Mach-O)

bonk~ 1.3 for Max (Macintosh)

bonk~ 1.2 for Max (Macintosh OS 9)

For further information about fiddle~ and bonk~, see the paper Real-time Audio Analysis Tools for Pd and MSP.


Computation of spectral centroid

by Ted Apel, John Puterbaugh, and David Zicarelli.

centroid~ 1.1 for Max (Macintosh Mach-O)

centroid~ 1.1 for Max (Macintosh CFM)


Phase aligned formant synthesis

by Miller Puckette, MSP port by Ted Apel.

The use of this object is normally reserved to Forum Ircam members, you can download it but it may be of interest for you to join the Forum if you want to get patches and music examples using Paf and other Max objects.

paf~ 0.06 for Max (Macintosh Mach-O)

paf~ 0.06 for Max (Macintosh CFM)

paf~ 0.05 for Max (Macintosh OS 9)

Strongly consider using the freepaf~ Max abstraction in place of this Max external. Available as part of the CNMAT-MMJ-Depot at: CNMAT-MMJ-Depot

Stable/Transient Separation abstraction for Max

Implementation of Cort Lippe and Zack Settel's method of segregating spectral energy based the stability of the phase progression.[1] This method is well-known from Tom Erbe's Soundhack implementation.

[1] J. Settel and C. Lippe, Real-time musical applications using the FFT-based resynthesis, In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (1994). [2]

Stable/Transient Separation abstraction

Stable/Transient Separation Device for Ableton Live (M4L)

Ableton Live M4L implementation of Stable/Transient separation algorithm.

Stable/Transient Separation Ableton Live Device