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Stable/Transient Separation Device for Max for Live (M4L)

Ted Apel

Implementation of Cort Lippe and Zack Settel's method of segregating spectral energy based the stability of the phase progression.[1] This method is well-known from Tom Erbe's Soundhack implementation.

This module attempts to separate the noisy and pitched aspects of a sound. The output can be set to one or the other. The technique isn't perfect, careful adjustment of the threshold parameter (usually near one end or the other) can produce satisfactory results. In order to have access to both the noisy and pitched parts of the sound at the same time, use two copies of the patch on different tracks.

[1] J. Settel and C. Lippe, Real-time musical applications using the FFT-based resynthesis, In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (1994).

Stable/Transient Separation Max for Live Device